Cameron resigned on Wednesday as the second female prime minister in the United States

Advocated to stay in the EU's British Prime Minister is the Conservative Party leader Cameron announced his resignation
According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on July 11 news, British Prime Minister David Cameron (David Cameron) in London, Downing Street, 10, the door announced that he will be Wednesday (July 13) formally submitted his resignation, the current Minister of the Interior Theresa May will take over as the 76th prime minister in the UK, and she is the second female prime minister after the "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher. Earlier in the day, British Energy Secretary Andrea Leadsom announced his withdrawal from the British Conservative Party leader and prime minister. Therefore, the 59-year-old Te Lisa Mei became the only candidate, was confirmed to be Cameron's successor. According to the BBC quoted a person close to the Lid Somme news, Lede Somme by the "abuse and attack too much, can not afford." Previously, Lid Somme had said that she was a mother, more suitable for the (party and prime minister) this position. And now 59-year-old Terry Sham has no fertility. This statement has been controversial over the weekend, and she has apologized to Teresa Meyer for her remarks. June 24, the British "off the European referendum," the results of the day, advocated to stay in the EU's British Prime Minister, the Conservative Party leader Cameron announced his resignation, will start the task of leaving Europe to the successor. The Conservative Party had planned to exclude the candidates one by one after voting, and finally elected the next leader and prime minister successor on September 9. Conservative Party successor leader of the election deadline, a total of five people announced the election, and the former mayor of London, the British "off the European faction" leader, was the next prime minister of the popular candidate Boris Johnson suddenly announced to give up the British Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister. Recently, Teresa May and Andrea Ledesom in the Conservative Party in the second round of the party to stand out, the other three candidates were withdrawn or eliminated. During the campaign, Teresa Mee said she would impose more severe immigration regulations on EU citizens after she was elected, and she pointed out that the second "referendum" would not be held for referendumers.

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