Guangzhou bus will be equipped with a new escape system: 3 seconds to open nine escape

This new type of bus safety escape system has a significant difference from the emergency bus of a regular bus
Sudden safety accident, the driver, passengers can be a key emergency, 2 doors, 7 windows composed of nine escape channel immediately open, up to only 3 seconds. By the Guangzhou City Commission for independent research and development, with a new type of bus safety escape system bus trolley bus, officially launched yesterday! So cool and safe bus tram, the city is currently only one Oh! Guangzhou tram company revealed that the next stage of the prototype will be tested and verified, test run, and gradually mass application. Will soon be able to take the street to welcome the neighborhood! Turn the button to open the escape port. The car a key to start nine escape channel When the bus explosion, fire and other unexpected conditions, the ordinary bus on the "safe emergency escape mode" only open the door, with a safety hammer to break the window glass, open roof safety Escape the windows of these three, and in the configuration of a new bus safety escape system bus trolleybus, drivers and passengers can "a key escape." Reporters yesterday went to the Guangzhou tram company, saw a bus emergency simulation site: "fire!" The driver answered the upper left corner of the driver marked a "EMERGENCY" red emergency button, doors and windows moment bounce. At the same time, the four sides of the car on both sides of the emergency lights to the passengers to indicate the emergency situation, and a voice prompt: "the car into an emergency situation, please passengers in an orderly emergency evacuation!" Passengers can immediately find the nearest export evacuation - Passengers close to the door can "take the door out"; and the middle of the passenger compartment can stepped on the seat from the window to jump out. Reporters found two intimate design of small details: one is the car seats are all "horizontal", this design not only to the compartment to make room for more "escape channel", but also allows passengers in the encounter Sudden details of the situation when the stepping on the chair leaping window, and no "slim off the door" risk; another detail is that the safety window than the average bus window "bigger, lower", visual ratio Ordinary window area of ​​20%, even if the bulk of the passengers can jump out, and from the ground closer to the design of the elderly, children more friendly. The car outside the electronic station immediately switch to "SOS" driver a key alarm, the bus emergency device immediately start, but also sent an emergency warning to the outside. At this point, the reporter saw the car on both sides of the electronic station immediately switch to "SOS", the roof emergency lights flash reminders, and accompanied by intermittent buzzer. "In the car, the emergency system is started at the same time, so in addition to the fastest passenger car, the driver of the safe evacuation, but also to maximize the protection of pedestrians outside the bus, vehicle safety, To assist the police. "Responsible for the development of the tram company information manager Zhao Jiantong introduced. Passengers can jump from the window to escape. When to meet with the neighborhood? 107 line will use the new tram reporter visited the bus business learned that the new bus safety escape system design and development, from the bus in recent years, bus fires accidents continue to occur. The next stage, the prototype will be tested and verified, test run, and gradually mass application. Guangzhou tram company revealed that after the quantitative production may start from the bus tram, and gradually to more bus lines covered, "is expected to recently test the first batch of 107 lines of new bus trams can take to the streets to meet the street!" 107 bus line from the Flower City Plaza From Zhongshan eight road, has been the civilized bus lines in Guangzhou, the public will soon be able to take 107 new bus. What are the high-tech? Passengers can also be a key emergency "Sometimes the bus encountered unexpected situation, not a fire, explosion, but the bus driver fainted, physical discomfort, or even 'hijacked' ... ... bus drivers have no way to press the 'emergency button' , How to do? "Miss Shen Miss a question, we laugh. But Zhao Jintong seriously said: "Yes! In this case, we also prepared seven 'back-up program' to ensure that the door, the windows are not affected by the driver and open." Originally, this new bus safe escape The system and the ordinary bus emergency device has a significant difference, that is, emergency button "change eight": In addition to the driver's steering wheel above the emergency button, in the seven safety windows above each have a manual emergency button, if necessary Passengers can immediately wipe the button by hand and open the upshift safety window. Why is the location of the passenger's button at the top of the window? Zhao Jintong told reporters that this is also an intimate design: "This position is not the highest, usually adults can easily twist the hands of the position, but naughty children will not easily encounter." The car is equipped with "black box" In addition, the new bus tram there is a similar to the aircraft on the "black box" video device, you can start the background alarm transmission system. It is the only difference with the "black box" on the plane is that this transmission is zero-day direct access to the background management center. As long as the driver press the emergency button, the background management center 24 hours duty room will be the first time to receive the alarm information and real-time video on board, to understand the bus on the live, to achieve synchronous emergency response. Reporters are still next to the driver emergency button, see a screen with a keyboard. Staff told reporters that this is "vehicle intelligent dispatch terminal". It is in trouble with the bus when the alarm information, real-time video, as with the background management center real-time connection, information sharing. Escape system 7 big function one, a key emergency: control function attributed to a key, emergency device started. Second, the escape channel to increase: a key to press, can also open the whole car door and 7 on the move-off emergency window, so that the escape channel instantly reached 9. Third, manually open the emergency safety window: the passenger can also manually control the way, open the upward safety window, so that the entire window into an emergency exit space. Fourth, the passenger emergency alert: emergency evacuation voice prompts or car lights flashing, prompting passengers to quickly evacuate. 5, external emergency warning: horn intermittent buzzer, electronic signs to switch to SOS state and open the double flash emergency lights, prompting the attention of people outside the vehicle. 6, real-time start background alarm transmission system: as long as the driver press the button, the background management center 24 hours duty room will be the first time to receive the alarm information and real-time video on board. 7, the establishment of public safety environment: the whole car with horizontal seat layout, so that the bus space is more spacious, convenient event in case of rapid evacuation can be achieved.

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