Northeast girl who won the Rhode Scholarship: Abandoned to study in poverty alleviation in western Hunan

[2016 China China Rhode scholar resume] Chen Yuxuan
"Rhodes scholars are very small part of the very special people, they often with the world to become better ideals, and actively organize and participate in public activities, in Oxford savings energy, knowledge and vision, hope after graduation with their own action services Society, and change the world. "Huang Huang, one of the four mainland Chinese Rhodes scholars who won the 2016 annual Rhodes Chinese scholarship, told the surging news (, which is his understanding of the Rhodes scholar. Previously, at Oxford University for more than a year in political philosophy, he had the opportunity to come into contact with some enthusiastic public service, determined to serve the public Rhodes scholars. For example, Wang Sai, founder of the Yip Bridge Project, as a winner of the Rhodes Scholarship, received a Master's degree in Public Policy from Oxford University and received a notice of admission from Harvard University after graduation. Wang race is currently living in China to do public welfare, aspiring to engage in public welfare undertakings to provide funds and guidance. Another winner Chen Yu Xuan also said that his side of the Rhodes scholars do not worry about how to look at their own society, but the heart filled with others, down to their own interest in the cause of continuous exploration. "20 years later, if someone mentioned me or that Rhodes scholar or Tsinghua graduates, I will feel the failure of life.I hope to be remembered to do the world and others to live a better thing, that is successful On November 27, the prestigious Rohde scholarship has just decided to win the second prize in mainland China. Recently, the surging news link to the four new Jin De scholars, and as the public media for the first time interviewed them. How can these young people get the favor of the Rhodes Scholarship? In addition to excellent academic performance, active in overseas exchange practice experience, social problems and vulnerable groups of concern, they also sincerely share the growth experience in a lot of thoughts and thoughts, and thus gradually clear the direction of the future. Chen Yu Xuan in Xiangxi. Chen Yu Xuan: give up to go abroad to choose poverty alleviation Chen Yuxuan is a northeast girl. At noon on November 27, when she received a phone call from the Rhodes Scholarship, she was shining on a train from Shanghai to Huaihua. She will take a day and a night train back to the village is the poor in Hunan Province Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Huayuan County. 3 months ago, she joined the countryside to join the team, then led the local poor households to run farmers professional cooperatives. "We are going to make bacon and bag of wine into 'baskets' baskets, fruit and honey, and we are trying to push Miao embroidery and Miao silver out." Chen Yuxuan said, "Now we do with the villagers, want them to learn how to use their own culture, tourism resources, even without us, but also out of poverty." Undergraduate in Qatar to participate in an educational innovation summit on Chen Yuxuan touched a lot , 33 members from 29 different countries. Some of the members grew up in Pakistan, the family was complex, the parents were abandoned by their parents, and they were harassed by terrorists. But they grew up and did not become angry at society. They created nonprofit organizations engaged in refugee education. The "I gained a lot of growth in my peers, and their experience made me feel that the so-called injustice is an excuse." After graduation, Chen Yuxuan gave himself a year, to the Milan World Expo volunteer, In the United Nations Population Fund has done interns, and Qatar concerned about the education of innovative friends in Doha to carry out educational projects, in Tsinghua University with similar research teachers have done on innovation management research, but also to Bangladesh to study grassroots public innovation. From these attempts and practices, she struggles to break through the limits of self, and gradually clear their interest in public services and social innovation and enthusiasm. Encounter Xiangxi this state-level poverty-stricken counties accurate poverty alleviation project, Chen Yu Xuan has got some good foreign university admission notice. "I am more than 20 years old, there is nothing to do so parents opposed, and never had anything to make me so tangled, a few days and nights can not make a decision." There are many predecessors also remind her rural work, especially the complexity of poverty alleviation, To face not only the challenges of living environment, but also thinking mode, way of doing things, language barriers and a series of problems to be solved, it is easy to lose yourself. Chen Yu Xuan told surging news, decided to join the black soil wheat field project, the family did not know. Until the second month of the village, my mother sat 30 hours of the train and turn a few times to find the car over, see the villagers to Chen Yuxuan as a pro-granddaughter to take care of, feel the simple nostalgia began to slowly agree. "In fact, my desire is very simple, that is, through their own ability and effort, so that everyone can live better, so that the world of life become better." Chen Yu said that the future may become a society Entrepreneurs, in a flexible way to solve some of the problems in society. Huang Qin usually in Beijing around a migrant school children to teach. Huang Qin: also lost self-esteem learned that after the scholarship, Huang Qin first felt is incredible. "Everyone who entered the final election so I particularly admire, we do not the same thing, even if I read a professional classmate also have a different vision (he hopes to become a writer in the future, is writing a book) Everyone is so special that everyone has the chance to get this honor. "Huang Qin is more familiar with Oxford than the other three New Rhodes scholars. He has been studying at Oxford University for political research and has now pursued a master's degree in political philosophy at Oxford University and plans to pursue a doctorate in political science. "In fact, my growth process is completely not smooth, every step is very dangerous." Huang Qin in Guizhou remote mountainous town was born, grow up. He told surging news, whether primary school or junior high school, junior high school, or high school to undergraduate, their growth and transformation of each step are particularly difficult. In the hometown of the township school finished primary school, junior high school began to go home to study Huang Qin. Because it is not suited to the initial environment, the middle also turned a school. Just arrived in the county high school for some time also feel depressed, until the parents to accompany it to get together. To the university, he was in Tsinghua's first semester because they do not like the high-pressure atmosphere, often run out of school to find students to play. "The reason is probably my every span is too big, the new environment to bring me a great impact.Every time I walked into a better school, the greater the place will feel themselves and students in the Learning from the huge gap, the initial will be lost, or even low self-esteem, but after a period of effort to narrow the gap after the state will be better. "From the mountains he has been concerned about the marginalized population, long-term service to migrant children schools and Patient orphan care center. Huang Qin said that the future ready to return to the domestic colleges and universities to do research, when the teacher. "On the one hand, the study of China's political and economic reform may encounter some problems on the road, hoping to make suggestions through their own research and development, to serve the community, contribute to the country at the same time teachers in colleges and universities, hoping to cultivate more interested in serving the community Young people. "Xu niu Xu niu: committed to the psychiatric study" I have seen a lot of top universities doctoral program, but only to my 'very burning' this feeling only the Rhodes scholar. "Xu niu currently enrolled He has published a research paper at Journal of Neuroscience, a top journal of neurobiology, as a co-author of the University of Peking University. He has revealed the mechanism of neuropathic pain and developed new analgesic drugs. He has also studied genomic editing and RNA biology at Oxford University and has interned the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. She has established a study exchange program in China, SCORE (The Standing Committee on Research Exchange) , Hope to China and international medical students to provide more research training. Through the Internet, Xu Niu also established a platform called "It Gets Brighter", dedicated to sharing through public education and real experience, eliminating the sense of disgrace in mental illness, and encouraging patients to seek professional help. In the continuous experience, Xu niu exercise out of the outstanding ability to link. "The ability to link themselves to the determination of my own goals; to connect others' abilities, to be able to find commonalities with others, to form a team that can solve the problem; to link resources, especially social work to link different social resources to achieve more Large social impact.Xu niu said that the current domestic psychiatry has more needs and challenges, and developed countries in Europe and the United States there are still some gaps. "China has a lot of clinical data is not well used, many suitable for foreign People or other racial drugs may not be the best for the Chinese people. "He hoped that after returning to become a physician, scientists, scientists at the same time will be a large part of the focus on scientific research for the status of Chinese psychiatric care to bring a qualitative change, and truly contribute to China's medicine. Jiang Xilin attended the Shanghai International Marathon. Jiang Xilin: is also a sportsman Jiang Xilin is from the Fudan University College of Life Sciences, senior undergraduate students, the results of perennial occupation of the first grade.He was in Yunnan Yongping support and Guangzhou Shenzhen enterprise research; To go to California with the United States young Chinese politicians exchange; in Boston to participate in academic competitions. After school, Jiang Xilin is also an upright athlete: three times to participate in the Shanghai University Athletics Athletics Championship 1500m, sub-gold, silver, bronze; The relay was a gold two silver, has been Fudan University running athletes.But in Jiang Xilin seems smooth sailing behind the career, in fact, have been engaged in the confusion and hesitation of scientific research. Grew up in the engineering family of Jiang Xilin has been academic Research is great After entering Fudan University, he step by step to study and train, may be ready to enter the laboratory in the sophomore year, Jiang Xilin suddenly caught in confusion, "I found that obsessed with the biological system seems to have nothing to do with my work The After careful consideration, Jiang Xilin decided to directly choose a large number of mathematical computer courses as a professional course, for their own really want to study the goal, forced to study their own expertise outside the knowledge, after Jiang Xilin have the opportunity to enter the National University of Singapore ECE (electronic And computer engineering) professional Thomas Yeo task group study and study in Singapore, the most high-yield research group, Jiang Xilin learn a variety of practical statistical methods, a variety of programming languages, from the initial doctoral students to start to check the image to the final independent application can be derived Complex machine learning algorithm.Jiang Xilin said that this experience let him rekindle interest in scientific research, and the significance of scientific research to rethink. "I remember very clearly, at the end of April, I suddenly felt the immediate mathematics The literature is no longer blurred, and the relationship between biology becomes clear. From the time I first came into contact with "quantative skills" to that moment, eight months, I re-recognized my own interests and potential. "Now, Jiang Xilin's research direction has been identified as" personalized drug treatment program ", that is, from a statistical point of view of genetic medicine. [2016 China, China Rhode scholar resume] Chen Yu Xuan, graduated from Tsinghua University Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature At present, Chen Yuxuan through the black soil wheat project in Hunan Province Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Huayuan County to carry out precision poverty alleviation.Chen Yuxuan plans to continue from Oxford through the black soil and other public welfare platform for the introduction of China's rural areas, the introduction of China's rural areas, More advanced concept of sustainable development.Huang Qin, currently studying at the Oxford University full degree of political philosophy master's degree, graduated from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.He founded the political philosophy of public platform "city and state", is committed to encourage young people Thinking and discussing political philosophy.Huang Qin plans to pursue a doctorate in political science in Oxford, hoping to study the political system reform and the development of China in depth.Xu niu, currently studying at the Peking University clinical medicine, undergraduate scholarship, He went to Oxford to study genomics and RNA biology and was interned at the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, where he published a research paper in Journalism Neuroscience, a top journal of neurobiology, Jiang Xi-lin, currently a senior undergraduate student of the School of Life Sciences, Fudan University. Two national scholarships, won the outstanding members of the Shanghai Communist Youth League, Fudan University outstanding student cadre pacesetter and other honors. Is committed to the study of biology and statistics in the field of integration, hoping to develop a highly efficient diagnostic statistical tools.

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