Wolf dog crazy cell door bites 2 people patrol police open even 8 guns killed

He saw squatting at the cell door of the dog bitten a young man
The dog is killed in the area near the shed? "This big dog is estimated to have 150 pounds, just look to see scary, it was bitten to death." March 25, the masses said the police, Beitang District of Wuxi City There is a mad dog bitten by two residents near the people. Police quickly rushed to the scene and found a German black back in the vicinity of the door near the mouth of the people, in the attempt to catch a variety of ways after the fruitless, the higher authorities agreed, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Beitang Branch Patrol Brigade team members will be killed The The more than 20-year-old boy passing, see the wolf dog squatting here, went up and touched the dog's head, flew to be bitten by the dog bite the dog's head The right hand wrist. "Yesterday, the modern Express reporter came to the people of the West Court, in the cell door to open the breakfast shop Shen boss told reporters, March 25 at around 11 o'clock, he saw squatting at the cell door of the dog bites Young man. "Later, I took hydrogen peroxide to help him rinse the wound, and told him to injections." "10 o'clock in the morning, first bite is a 50-year-old aunt." Ms Chen said that before bite the boy, she See the dog also bite another person. "The bones of the right hand, no bleeding, but the hand immediately flushed." Residents said that they do not know where the dog came from, but looks very fierce, see people want to flutter. "I see the wolf dog flutter an old man, then about 12 o'clock, I think the children immediately to school, and worried that the dog will hurt the children, they quickly alarm." Ms. Zhang said the residents. Can not be used to cover the net with a shot shot "We are about 1:30 on the 25th received command center instructions, to the scene reinforcements." Wuxi City Public Security Bureau Beitang Branch Patrol brigade team members Xu Xuemin told the modern Express reporter, arrived at the scene , The police station and the urban police officers have the dog around the corner. "The dog rushed to saliva, whining roar, a look is not normal, at any time there is the possibility of attack." Xu Xuemin said police officers and urban management team tried to use sticks, arresters, etc., but are close to it The "We intend to use the net gun, is to use the net to cover the dog, but because the dog shrink in the corner, can not be netted." Because can not close, after the consent of the higher, the police decided to kill the mad dog. "I opened two guns in the area side of the door to hit its stomach and legs, and then it began to run." Xu Xuemin responsible for the implementation of the task of killing that he chased about 200 meters, the dog from another small door around Into the district. "At that time we all the way to run all the way to remind the public, pay attention to the far point. Two players with me next to the stick drive the dog, want to force it into the small place." In the district of a flower, Xu Xuemin opened three gun. "The dog began to run slowly, to the corner of the district where an iron shed, I opened three shots, the last shot hit his head to kill it." Why did the question hit 8 guns were killed? Xu Xuemin introduced, because the dog has been running fast, so want to hit the head suddenly difficult. "We use the 92-type 9 mm caliber police pistol, the bullet can penetrate the body.But because this dog body long, thin body, so a shot after the bullet will penetrate the body, the trauma caused in the body is not If the body is thick, the bullets in the body when the rotation will cause great trauma. "In addition, Xu Xuemin said that the vitality of this dog is also more tenacious. Wuxi provides that individuals can not support the German black back Xu Xuemin said, from the dog to be killed to death, the owner of the dog has not been there. "German black back of the scientific name is the German shepherd dog. According to the Wuxi City dog ​​management regulations, individuals can not keep the German shepherd." Wuxi City, animal disease prevention and control center Fanzhan introduced, German shepherd sex strong, aggressive. "Enterprises, units want to keep the door for use, then get the public security bureau to apply for the record can." Spring is coming, the dog is also easy "grotesque." Fanzhan introduced, you can from the tail, teeth and other aspects of the dog can observe whether the attack may be, the tail drooping the risk factor, the teeth are also more aggressive exposed, and if the dog to avoid pedestrians but dangerous high.

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